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Technology Support Contact Information

If you experience difficulty using the IQSA site beyond the scope of this page, please let us know by sending an email to

Why can't I login to the IQSA site?

To login to the IQSA site, you must be a current IQSA member. If you are a current member and you're still having trouble logging in, you might not have cookies enabled on your computer. The IQSA website uses a temporary cookie to identify you as you navigate through the site. Turning cookies off on your  browser will not allow the IQSA site to recognize you when you attempt to login. Enabling cookies is a browser-specific task. To learn more about enabling cookies in your browser, click Help on your browser's menu, then find cookies in your browser's help system.

What is a PDF and why does the IQSA publish certain documents in this format?

PDF is a common file format supported by most browsers. This format, unlike HTML documents, allows the IQSA to publish highly-formatted documents and deliver them over the web. IQSA uses the PDF format when we need to deliver information that must be displayed in a specific way.

How do I get the Adobe Acrobat Reader so I can view PDF documents on the IQSA site?

To download the Adobe Acrobat reader, click the graphic below. A new window will open with the Adobe website with further instructions on how to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

When I print an article on the IQSA Website, why does some of the text not print?

Unfortunately, the web is not meant to be a print medium. Thus, sometimes browsers render text differently on the printer than it does on the screen. If part of text of a page on the IQSA website does not print, try printing in landscape mode. Setting your printer to landscape mode requires different steps depending on your operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux) and your printer. Please consult your operating system and printer manual for specific steps for your computer.

Security Blocking

For security reasons, IQSA blocks traffic originating from IP addresses or blocks of addresses associated with high-risk activity such as network hacking, virus distribution, spam and adware.   

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